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Model S-420

thermoform plastic products
tanning beds

Tanning Beds

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thermoform plastic products tanning beds

Model 160W

Tanning Beds

The Beau Soleil tanning beds are designed to offer the best quality tan possible.

We were particularly careful to make the mechanical and electrical components easily accessible. The same care was taken to make our tanning beds remarkably easy to clean.

The Beau Soleil tanning beds are constructed with a European style aluminium frame.

Let the efficiency give you the tan you deserve!

1- Solid and UV resistant
Metallic pieces are covered with a white powdered polyester coating that is both UV resistant and shockproof.

2- Lamp protection
Two acrylics protect the lamps while allowing a maximum of UV rays to reach the skin of those using the tanning bed.

3- Comfort
Each Beau Soleil tanning bed is equipped with a highly efficient 660 CFM body cooler that ensures the user's comfort .

4- Performance
Beau Soleil tanning beds are equipped with reflector sheets with many openings allowing a maximum efficiency by ensuring the lamp's adequate temperature level.

We can offer you a wide range of vertical or horizontal models.

Model 3600

Model 4000F

Model 4620F

tanning beds
tanning beds
tanning beds

Click here for all your tanning bed requirements and to have access to our Beau Soleil products catalogue.

thermoform plastic products
thermoform plastic products


tanning beds

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