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Soundproof Floor
Material with Enermax by BP Canada

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Soundproof Floor Material

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Easy to install

Enermax 4' X 8' panels are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to cut with a utility knife, making projects fast and easy for one installer.

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bp canada     bp canada     bp canada     bp canada

Enermax panels are sound choice for professionals

The energy absorbency of Enermax

All-natural interwoven cellulose fibres combined to the reblective property of its aluminum side dramatically improves the soudproofing efficiency of any wall or floor/ceiling assembly.

Sound absorption

Enermax absorbs noise, making it easy to build walls and ceilings with an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of up to 65. The higher the STC, the less noise is able to pass through walls.

Building Products of Canada has been producing quality home building and home renovation products for generations. The BP brand reflects an almost legendary craftsmanship that goes back nearly 100 years. Our shingles, ceilings, structural and acoustical panels continue to be the products of choice on literally hundreds of thousands of new homes and home renovation projects each year.

Click here for all your Soundproof Floor Material requirements.

bp canada


bp canada

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