Acoustic Flooring
Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Flooring with Enermax by BP Canada

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acoustic flooring
acoustic flooring
acoustic flooring

Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Flooring     Acoustic Flooring     Acoustic Flooring     Acoustic Flooring

Easy to install

Enermax 4' X 8' panels are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to cut with a utility knife, making projects fast and easy for one installer.

Energy Efficiency

Enermax improves the energy efficiency of the building in which it is installed. When installed on the interior of the exterior wall, Enermax adds R4.7 to the thermal resistance of the building envelope.
In this application, furring strips need to be installed on the face of the aluminum foil to benefit from the reflective value of the material.

The aluminum foil acts as a vapour retarder and air barrier as well.

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Acoustic Flooring    Acoustic Flooring    Acoustic Flooring 

Protect your environment naturally

Environmental print

  • Enermax panels contain absolutely no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC"s), formaldehyde, HCFC, Pantane.
  • Enermax panels also improves the energy efficiancy of the building.

Recycled and recyclable

All products that do not meet our strict standards are recycled to create new products. The cellulosic fibre sources are 85% post-industrial and 15% post-consumer. At the end of the building lifecycle, 99% of the panel is recyclable.

Building Products of Canada has been producing quality home building and home renovation products for generations. The BP brand reflects an almost legendary craftsmanship that goes back nearly 100 years. Our shingles, ceilings, structural and acoustical panels continue to be the products of choice on literally hundreds of thousands of new homes and home renovation projects each year.

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Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Flooring

Wall Insulation

acoustic flooring
acoustic flooring

Acoustic Flooring

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