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Wide Frequency Range

   Operates within 27MHz to
   3.5GHz frequency range

ISO Certified
   Certified under ISO 9001
   (2000) quality assurance

Several products and

   - radio towers antenna,
   - gound plane antenna,
   - mobile antenna,  
   - disguised antanna,
   - Yagi Antenna,
   - vertical antenna,
   - dipole antenna,
   - airport antenna,
   - police antenna,
     and more...

Antenna Transmit Combiner :

Antenna Transmit Combiner Manufacturer, leader in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of RF Antennas, Filters, and In-Building Systems World Wide.

Certified under ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards. Operates in the 27MHz to 3.5GHz frequency range, customizing and manufacturing durable and quality driven base station antennas and filtering devices.

Antenna Types

• Base Stations
• Transit
• Mobile
• In-Building
• Disguise AM/FM

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• Low Band (27-80MHz)
• 80-108MHz
• Aviation (108-136MHz)
• VHF (138-174MHz)
• 220MHz
• UHF (380-512MHz)
• 700-960MHz

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Added Value Program:

• Free Intermod Studies
• Free System Designs
• Free Product and Application Consultation
• Expedited Delivery Program
• On-site Training
• New Product Development
• Custom Product Development
• And the list continues….

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Antenna Filters


Transmit Combiner

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Doing business with ComProd Communication Ltd.

Comprod Communications Ltd, is a leading RF Antenna and Filter manufacturer providing some of the most innovative and customized products on the market.

We are dedicated to our customers, providing Top Notch quality products, backed by the best Customer Service and Technical Support Departments in our industry.

Specializing in the customized approach to development and integration, now one of the most innovative companies in the field, designing a vast array of products, continually redesigning how we can satisfy our customers continually changing needs.

In order to get to know us a little better, please take a minute and make a small tour of our facility by clicking on the following link.

We look forward hearing from you and to get to know you. We would be happy to send you a quote for our products. Please kindly fill our inquiry form by clicking on the following link.

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Antenna Transmit



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