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thermoform plastic products cnc drilling machine

CNC Drilling Machine Manufacturer

EBF is the only company in Quebec that specializes in the manufacturing of digitally controlled, industrial cutting tables. These machines may be used for a variety of materials including plastics, textiles, windows and doors, steel, wood, granite, and marble. In fact, any material that requires precision cutting can be using EBF equipment.

EBF is able to offer superior quality equipment at competitive prices, combined with proven customer service. Over the past few years, EBF has gained a very enviable reputation thanks to its long list of satisfied customers.

EBF has become the inevitable choice for companies faced with skilled labour problems or that seek a competitive edge. As a result, the technology developed can be used to replace many specialized employees and thus reduce fixed production costs.

In the context of the global economy, it is those companies that modernize quickly that will become most successful. Under these circumstances, the efficiency of EBF machinery allows manufacturers to reduce production costs to a minimum in order to eliminate the need to have certain products manufactured in Asia .

CNC Drilling Machine Well known as a plate processing machine

  • Rigidly constructed tubular steel gantry, stress relieved frame
  • High precision linear rails and bearings
  • High precision helical rack and pinion
  • 30hp drill spindle
  • Spindle rpm ranging from 300-1200 variable
  • Dual side independent rail axis drive package
  • Machine advance speed up to 645"/min
  • Material positioning accuracy:
                      +/- .003" (single axis only)
                      +/- .007" (coordinate axis)
  • #5 morse taper
  • Thru-spindle coolant system
  • Up to 400 amps automatic gas console high definition plasma system
  • Automatic torch height control system
  • Automatic oxy-fuel gas control system
  • Automatic torch ignition system
  • Crash detection on both plasma & 
      oxy-fuel systems
  • Air cooled Windows embedded controller
  • Processing parameters for drill, plasma &
    oxy-fuel operations set automatically
  • Managable hole properties database
  • Standard auto-nesting package
  • Drill tool change reqest availlable during program
  • Easily networked
  • Machine availlable with basic waterbed or with downdraft and dust collector unit with heat recycling option

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thermoform plastic products
thermoform plastic products


cnc drilling machine

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