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Mining Dump Body

Innovative equipment which have solved problems for Mining & Construction Companies. Some of these successes include:

Mining Dump Truck - Side Dump Trailer

As a HAULER Side Dump Trailers are often overlooked. In many applications they should be considered as the ideal ore and material mover rather than an option.

Low center of gravity, easily loaded by all loading tools, and their ability to approach the dumping site without time consuming maneuvering make them more productive.

Operation: Chrome plated hydraulic cylinders tilt the Body to unload. This action automatically lowers one side…allowing the drop-side to act as a chute…directing the contents into the hopper, over a cliff, or away from soft ground etc.




mining dump body

Mining Dump Truck - End Dump Trailer

End/Rear dump trailers are especially effective for longer hauls (typically one mile or longer).

Major Advantages:

  • Better tire load distribution resulting in significant increase in tire life.
  • Existing fleets can be upgraded without incurring the major cost of a larger sized prime mover.
  • Significant savings in fuel, maintenance and operating costs.
  • Short turning radius- highly maneuverable.
  • Rugged draft arms and draw bar provide both the point of attachment to the tractor and stability when dumping.
  • Oil cooled multiple disc brakes on all models from 65 tons and up.
Twin, inverted, chromed dump cylinders tip the body at a very high dump angle thus shedding the material in an efficient manner.




mining dump body

Mining Dump Truck - Automatic Tailgate

Building upon the foundation of automatic elevating tailgates used in the on-highway dump body Industry, this product has seen continuous improvement. Since 1970, numerous elevating tailgates have been put into service, ranging from 25 ton articulated vehicles through the largest off highway vehicles built.


mining dump body

Mining Dump Truck - Bottom dump

Maxter has been one of the main suppliers of Bottom Dump Earthwagons since 1973. We have produced trailers in capacities from 35 tons to 160 tons.

Most major construction companies in North and South America have used these haulers extensively. They have been utilized to build some of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world. Maxter trailer trains have seen service in varied conditions, ranging from the hauling of materials to build gravel islands on the north coast of Alaska to the construction of major airports around the United States.

mining dump body  


mining dump body




mining dump body


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