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trash truck
trash truck
trash truck
trash truck
trash truck
trash truck

Trash Truck Manufacturer

Rear loading garbage truck allowing simultaneous collection of waste and recyclable materials in an average proportion – adjustable according to customers needs – of 60%/40% respectively.


Eco-Splitter Garbage Truck

The Eco-Spliter is a revolutionary split-loader, ideal for the superior productivity in the operations requiring material sorting (domestic / recyclables ; organic / recyclables ; wet / dry) . 

Eco-Splitter features two robust packing compartments specially designed for clean and highly productive recycling operations.



trash truck

Sprinter Garbage Truck

The Sprinter series regroups remarkable features that appeal to operations involving superior compaction ratios on weight sensitive areas. 

The Sprinter is an outstanding rear-loader, well known for its unequaled weight transfer, superior productivity, exceptional durability and very low maintenance requirements.



trash truck

Slammer Garbage Truck

The Slammer features a 3.5 yd3 (2.68 m3) state-of-the-art hopper specially designed for fast and reliable high volume operations.  The Slammer's though engineering is highly appealing to clients involved is residential, commercial and construction operations.



trash truck

Custom Solutions

By combining our ability to fulfill ISO 9001-2000 quality standards with our solid international experience, it has allowed GCI Environnement to modify its marketing approach as well as its production methods to encourage the creation of turnkey projects, research and development, technology exchanges and the establishment of waste management systems.


trash truck
trash truck
trash truck
trash truck

trash truck

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