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Fume Extraction

In order to better control welding smoke, let us present you with the three most efficient source capture:

  • Integrated fume catcher MIG gun
  • Mobile Swing Arms
  • Capture Nozzle.

Each of these three methods has distinctive advantages for different types of applications.

We would be pleased to discuss them with you. We would like you to have a look at these pictures.

fume extraction

Integrated source capture fume MIG gun
Strong points :

  • The air flow rejected in the atmosphere is less than 100 cubic squares per minute (CSM) per welder;
  • The source of fume extraction is always in a good position. Because the gun is the extraction system, the welder can't forget it;
  • Actually very ergonomic;
  • No porosity;
  • On a work shift, it offers the most efficient source capture.
fume extraction

Mobile Swing Arms

Strong points :

  • Applies to all welding procedures;
  • Regarding the overall ventilation, the welder's breathing and respiratory zone is better protected.
fume extraction

Capture Nozzle

Strong points :

  • Can be used in all welding procedures;
  • Can be used in limited access spaces.

Overall, Henlex is an anti-pollution equipment manufacturer devoted to protecting the worker's breathing and respiratory zone. We use LVHV technology (low volume high velocity or low volume high vacuum) to retain at the source all sorts of emissions: fumes, dust, gas or volatile organic composites. We also produce turbines, fans, dust collectors, micro sensors and accessories for these systems.

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thermoform plastic products
thermoform plastic products


fume extraction

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