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dry air cooler

Dry Air Cooler

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thermoform plastic products dry air cooler

Dry Air Cooler

Coils & Fans configurations tailored to meet all possible requirements.
Large capacity available.
Our fluid coolers are ready to work hard!

Markets: Industrial, Commercial



  • FIRST LEVEL: Fuel cooler and auxiliary after-cooler coils installed side-by-side
  • SECOND LEVEL: Jacket water main coil covering the same area as both coils on the first level
  • OPTIONAL THIRD LEVEL: heat recovery coil that could be used to transfer heat to another application
  • UPPER LEVEL: motors and fans


The missing part has been finally found for industrial applications!

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  • 50,000 CFM @ 195° F of heat rejection = 2,000 kW of energy available for energy transfer to other systems and a wide range of applications
  • With 2,000 kW, we can heat 420 GPM of 50% EG @ 60° F to 100° F only using heat recovery
  • " For example, if a circus company presents a show using a large pool, it can always be on the road using our fluid cooler to match a large generator. Therefore, It provides electricity for the show, the A/C systems and for all other requirements. Simply imagine all the possibilities available for using the fluid cooler heat rejection:
    • large pool water heating
    • domestic water heating / athletes showers installation
    • " use part of the 195° F available hot air for the audience's comfort by dehumidifying the Big top using a desicant wheel, without needing a gas burner, to achieve the required high temperature


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thermoform plastic products
thermoform plastic products

dry air cooler

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