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With 20 years’ experience
   keeping people radiant
   and relaxed;

State-of-the-art technology
Easy access to clean and
   change lamps.

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tanning beds UVScan 360                                                                          SPECS PDF file

The newest addition to the Royal Sun line, the revolutionary UVScan 360 features state-of-the-art technology in an attractive and ergonomic design. A wonder of engineering, the VScan 360 stands at the forefront of a new generation of high-performance, cost-effective tanning beds.



Tanning Beds Turbo                                                                          SPECS PDF file

The high-performance design and wrap-around form of the Royal Sun Express and Turbo lines are one of the most secure and efficient tanning solutions available today.


Tanning Beds Focus                                                                          SPECS PDF file

With their unique hexagonal shape and surround-tan technology, Focus vertical booths
are designed for those customers who don’t take their tans lying down.  With built-in speakers and volume control, Focus booths create a relaxing cocoon for the ultimate tanning experience!


Several Models (Horizontal/Vertical) :

                           Tanning Beds        Tanning Beds


Several Colors (Red / Bleu / Yellow / Black / White):

Tanning Beds Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds          Tanning Beds




tanning beds UVScan 360

tanning beds Turbo

        Tanning Booths Focus


Tanning Beds


About Royal Sun®

With 20 years’ experience keeping Canadians radiant and relaxed, L’Integral® brings its Royal Sun™ tanning solutions to the world.

Royal Sun
™ beds and booths are the product of intensive research, forward-thinking design and advanced engineering.

The result is a selection of beds and booths that are recognized for their comfort, performance and reliability. The operation of a Royal Sun is as pleasurable as its use.


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